Zeus Chesterfield
Gender Male
Hometown New York
Friends and Family
Mrs. Chesterfield (Owner)
Mrs. Kipling (rescued Zeus)
Bertram Winkle (pet-sat Zeus)
Other Information
First Appearance
  The Talented Mr. Kipling

Zeus is a mixed Chihuahua dog that belongs to Mrs. Chesterfield who lives downstairs from Jessie and appears to be very smart because he helped Jessie and Zuri find Christina's tiara. It appears that Zeus does not like Mrs. Chesterfield like everyone else doesn't.


Zeus is extremely devoted to his owner mainly because she practically forces him to. For example, he watches television shows such as "The Real Housewives of New York" with her. Initially, Zeus was hostile towards Ravi's pet monitor lizard, Mr. Kipling. However, when a hawk tried to carry Zeus away to eat him, Mrs. Kipling saved his life by swatting the bird away with his tail.

Though he is loyal to Chesterfield, he switched her hair gel with super stick glue. This caused many problems including, Rhoda's hands getting stuck to her head, Jessie's arm getting stuck to Chesterfield's, and Jessie not trusting the kids. When it was revealed that Zeus was the real culprit, Rhoda said it was a mere mishap, since Zeus always gets her beauty products for her.



  • He is named after the Greek god ZeusKing of the gods who was the youngest of his sibling and had multiple affairs. Also because he was king of all the gods.
  • He may be getting annoyed with his owner as he switched her hair gel with glue, seen in Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation.
  • He has a house in the trailer park (101 Lizards).
  • Mrs. Kipling almost ate Zeus on her terrace.
  • Dislikes Emma the most out of each of the Ross kids (Between the Swoon and New York City)                                                  
  • This dog was seen on the Disney Channel show "Sonny with a Chance".                                                  
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