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Character Userboxes

Jessie Prescott

Code: Jessie Prescott 

Jessie season 3
My favorite character is Jessie Prescott!


Code: Emma

Emma season 3
My favorite character is Emma Ross!


Code: Luke

Luke season 3
My favorite character is Luke Ross!


Code: Ravi

Ravi season 3
My favorite character is Ravi Ross!


Code: Zuri

Zuri season 3
My favorite character is Zuri Ross!


Code: Bertram

Bertram season 3 <center>My favorite character is Bertram Winkle!

Mr. Kipling

Code: Mr. Kipling

J81 <center>This user loves Mr. Kipling!


Code: Tony

My favorite character is Tony!


Code: Morgan

Morgan My favorite character is Morgan Ross!


Code: Christina

Christina My favorite character is Christina Ross!


Code: All

Cast of Disneys Jessie
I like all the characters!

Mrs. Chesterfield

Code: Chesterfield

My favorite character is Mrs. Chesterfield!


Code: Zeus

My favorite character is Zeus!

Cast Userboxes

Debby Ryan

Code: Debby Ryan

DebbyRyan This user is a fan of Debby Ryan!

Cameron Boyce

Code: Cameron Boyce

CameronBoyce This user is a fan of Cameron Boyce!

Peyton List

Code: Peyton List

Peyton-List This user is a fan of Peyton List!

Karan Brar

Code: Karan Brar

13581153 tml
This user is a fan of Karan Brar!

Skai Jackson

Code: Skai Jackson

Skai This user is a fan of Skai Jackson!

Episode Userboxes

New York, New Nanny

Code: New York, New Nanny

New York, New Nanny
My favorite episode is New York, New Nanny!

The Talented Mr. Kipling

Code: The Talented Mr. Kipling

The Talented Mr. Kipling 12
My favorite episode is The Talented Mr. Kipling!

Used Karma

Code: Used Karma

124611 0346 ful
My favorite episode is Used Karma!

Zombie Tea Party 5

Code: Zombie Tea Party 5

Zombie Tea Party 5 3
My favorite episode is Zombie Tea Party 5!

One Day Wonders

Code: One Day Wonders

One Day Wonders 1
My favorite episode is One Day Wonders!

Zuri's New Old Friend

Code: Zuri's New Old Friend

Zuri&#039;s New Old Friend
My favorite episode is Zuri's New Old Friend!

Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'

Code: Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'

Creepy Connie Come a Callin
My favorite episode is Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'!

A Christmas Story

Code: A Christmas Story

Christmas 11
My favorite episode is A Christmas Story!

Star Wars

Code: Star Wars

Star Wars
My favorite episode is Star Wars!

Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?

Code: Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader

Normal 005live
My favorite episode is Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?!

Take the A-Train... I Think?

Code: Take the A-Train

Take the A-Train... I Think 7
My favorite episode is Take the A-Train... I Think?!

Romancing the Crone

Code: Romancing the Crone

My favorite episode is Romancing the Crone!

Princess & the Pea Brain

Code: The Princess and Pea

Princess and pea brain - jessie, zuri, tony
My favorite episode is The Princess & the Pea Brain!

World Wide Web of Lies

Code: World Wide Web of Lies

World Wide Web of Lies
My favorite episode is World Wide Web of Lies!

The Kid Whisperer

Code: The Kid Whisperer

The kid whisperer - jessie &amp; samantha 2
My favorite episode is The Kid Whisperer!

Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

Code: Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

Glue Dunnit - A Sticky Situation
My favorite episode is Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation!


Code: Badfellas

My favorite episode is Badfellas!

Beauty & the Beasts

Code: Beauty & the Beasts

Beauty &amp; the Beasts
My favorite episode is Beauty & the Beasts!

Evil Times Two

Code: Evil Times Two

My favorite episode is Evil Times Two!

Tempest in a Teacup

Code: Tempest in a Teacup

My favorite episode is Tempest in a Teacup!

Pairing Userboxes


Code: Tessie

This user ships Tessie!


Code: Jemma

Used Karma 1
This user ships Jemma!


Code: Zessie

This user ships Zessie!


Code: Lessie

New york new nanny - jessie and luke
This user ships Lessie!


Code: Javi

The Talented Mr. Kipling 2
This user ships Javi!


Code: Bessie

Zombie Tea Party 5 6
This user ships Bessie!


Code: Lavi

The Talented Mr. Kipling 9
This user ships Lavi!


Code: Zuma

Zombie Tea Party 5 7
This user ships Zuma!

Miscellaneous Userboxes

Texas Guys

Code: Texas Guys

Texas Guys
I've had it up to here with these Texas guys!


Code: Admin

Jessie logo
I'm an Admin!
(Admin use only)