Gender Male
Age 21
Nationality American
Hometown New York
Born March 16 , 1999
Friends and Family
Derk (Big Brother)
Luke Ross

Jessie Prescott
Ravi Ross

Other Information
First Appearance
  "Zombie Tea Party 5"
Portrayed by
Devan Leos

Trevor is Luke's rival in the episode Zombie Tea Party 5. He faces off against Luke and his partner in a game of paintball, alongside his brother, Derk. Unfortunately, they ultimately end up losing to their team, him being the last one to get eliminated from the two of them. Trevor is just as selfish as his older brother, and it's possible that Derk influenced him to be a bully since he appears to be one himself.

Appearance & History

Trevor is a chubby kid with a big collection of greasy-looking hair. The only clothes he was seen wearing was a gladiator battle skirt in the paintball battle, alongside other more regular clothes under another circumstance. Luke decided to use Jessie to defeat Trevor even though she constantly embarrassed him.

Trevor met his defeat in the paintball battle when his gun suddenly stopped working causing Luke to jump in and easily defeat him with one shot, splattering onto his chest and across a part of his face. Trevor said, "Epic fail!" before leaving. It is unknown if he still plays paintball.


  • Trevor is portrayed by Devan Leos, who portrays Alan Diaz in Disney XD's Mighty Med.

Episode Appearance

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