Ted Hoover is one of Jessie's ex-boyfriends who only appeared in the episode Break-Up and Shape-Up.

He was portrayed by Spencer Boldman.


Back when Jessie lived in Fort Hood, Ted was the only guy she ever dumped instead of the other way around in high school. Jessie describe Ted as "A heavy, hairy in the wrong places, slightly smelly toll booth attendant at our local bridge" in which that is the description of a troll. However, it turns out that since Jessie dumped him, he lost a lot of weight, shaved his body hair and even removed the hump on his back and became a male model.


  • Ted Hoover is played by Spencer Boldman, who is better known for playing Adam from Disney's Lab Rats .
  • Many fans believe that Ted is the son of the Butcher that locked Jessie in the Meat locker from Tempest in a Teacup. As Jessie said she broke up with him.
  • Zuri was shown to have a little crush on Ted when she kept calling him pretty.

Episode Appearance

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