hey hey now on this week of jessie week we are doing some brand new things right jessie i am sure she will agree so add your chats here there is no reason to fear and i will comfort you in all the lasts

JESSIE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moi je trouve que ses une super idee

Trashin' Fashion aired more than 100 days ago! Why is it still as the next episode?

Hi debby my name is annah and I really want to be on the show I need your advice you can email me on annah.i.rahman@gmail.com

Did u see the typo in the new commurcial it said Jesse instead of Jessie70.31.157.202 00:46, June 16, 2013 (UTC)

we just love ur show and how old are u , what's ur fav color, sorry just so excited to talk to u and cant wait to wacth episode 2 because,i hear that zuri wants one direction on ur show and can u tell her 'YES' we would want one direction on ur show cuz i just wanna say,she  really likes harry and zayin cuz they are really cute and we just cant wait to she ur acting and how happy she is and how upses she is, and i hope this will happen one of the guys ask u out, and ur worrried that zuri will get mad and u will say yes, and Wouldnt u say yes?

_ARI <3 <3 <370.112.98.219 23:05, June 19, 2013 (UTC)


many is she your are beat me  see has and can tell he please tis said did moss 'a the ues anyone went'A jessie'a

sike jakson

playes list


keivn chamrema

save best men is was

The main page

The new main page is so awesome! Thank you!

I love it.

 Junatina 09:05, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

Jessie season 3.png
My favorite character is Jessie Prescott!

Did You Know?

The Did You Know section should be updated , it is still from the crossover.

I know that lucy really Jessie and emma is really in love with shoping

The did you know says that GLC was cancelled, it concluded just like Jessie will be doing!

i really like jessie and i really hope their is one more season after the last one. I really like JESSIE  and especially luke and his stupid crush on JESSIE and ravi and zuri. WHY DOES RAVI HAVE TO DO LUKE EMMA AND ZURI'S HOMEWORK? never mind dont answer that. he has to do their homework because hes too smart and emma luke and zuri are too dumb and well ya. I LOVE JESSIE! :) :P <3

I have some questions for you the first on is how did you get on diseny??

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