Ross is a forename, a surname as well as a place name. It may refer to:

  • The Ross Family, the main family in the series.
  • The Ross Penthouse, the penthouse in the series.
  • Morgan Ross, the periodically seen father who directs films.
  • Christina Ross, the periodically seen mother who is a former model turned business mogul.
  • Emma Ross, the bubbly 13-year old who is eager to reorder the world. She turns 14.
  • Ravi Ross, the 10-year old Indian adoptee who's thrilled to be in the U.S. turns 11.
  • Luke Ross, the 12-year old adoptee who loves video games and is very mischievous turns 13 years old.
  • Zuri Ross, the 7-year old adoptee from Africa who's imaginative and fanciful then turns 8 years old on the Ross birthday.

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