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Rachel Kapowski is Luke's Admirer. Rachel's boyfriend is Gale. Rachel is portrayed by Isabella Palmieri. 




Rachel is Luke's "dream girl". Rachel went to the school dance with Luke in Punched Dumped Love. Rachel's old boyfriend is Gale. But then Rachel realized that Gale still cares about her and so they get back together.

Gale Gustavo

Gale Gustavo is Rachel's boyfriend. They both care about being girlfriend and boyfriend.


Luke asked Rachel to the school dance and she said yes because Gale broke up with her. But then Gale and Rachel got back to, so Luke and Rachel became friends.


  • Rachel's actress guest starred in Disney's Good Luck Charlie as Jade
    • Luke also guest-starred in Good Luck Charlie as Fake Gabe
  • She enjoys Gale‘s clever wordplay
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