I wonder if whales listen to sounds of you complaining to get to sleep.
— Jessie to Bertram

Quitting Cold Koala is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of JESSIE. It first aired on July 5, 2013 to 2.25 million viewers.


Failing to stay at a friends house, due to missing Kenny the Koala, Jessie advises Luke to spend one night away from Kenny to prove he's mature and doesn't need a stuffed animal. Luke has some crazy dream about Kenny that night and struggles to sleep. Meanwhile, Kenny is "accidentally" damaged and Jessie hangs him up on a clothesline on the terrace. Then Luke and Jessie go out to get Kenny and Jessie slips and drops Kenny off the terrace and Kenny gets decapitated because he got mangled by a car. Stuart and Ravi try to fix him. Can he save Kenny before its too late? In this episode, we find out that before Luke came to the Ross', Kenny was the only thing he had, which is why Luke is obsessed with Kenny. Stuart and Ravi fix Kenny. Luke is able to get over Kenny because Kenny now smells bad because of the operation. He also has another eye, from Zuri's doll, but Jessie mentioned that she would fix Kenny's eye in the end credits.


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  • Emma has a dream about One Direction, an Irish-British pop boy band.
  • Luke makes a reference to Creepy Connie Comes a Callin' when he says that Connie ripped Kenny's head off.
  • This is Stuart's second appearance.
  • This episode was going to premiere on May 17, 2013, but a rerun of "Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned" was showned instead, because the original version had references to gluten restrictions in the character's diet. The edited version of "Quitting Cold Koala" finally aired on July 5, 2013. (all gluten jokes having been removed in the revised version.)


  • At the start of the scene where Stuart gives Zuri the basket Emma is sitting at the dining table and mysteriously vanishes.
  • When Stuart gives Zuri the basket, he does not have a plate in front of him. But when the camera zooms out after Stuart gives Zuri the basket, there is a plate.
  • Surprising Kenny when Jessie accidentally dropped it off the balcony doesn't land into Chesterfield's Terrace, which is right below there's, but rather into pieces everywhere.


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