Officer Petey
Officer Petey
Gender Male
Nationality American
Hometown New York
Professional Information
  Police Officer
Friends and Family
Jessie Prescott
Zuri Ross
Emma Ross
Luke Ross
Vincent Liotta
Love interests
Agatha (former crush)
Pets Unknown
Other Information
First Appearance
Portrayed by
Joey Richter

Officer Petey is a recurring character on Jessie. He is played by Joey Richter.


He is known for his improv obsession. This is demonstrated when he tells Jessie "I can use some of my improv skills. I take a workshop on the weekends." He also is known for not being

Officer Petey at a carnival

particularly helpful as a cop. For instance, when Jessie is trying to pull Zuri off of a tree screaming, Petey just says "Well it looks like you've got this handled" and walks away. It is revealed in Pain in the Rear Window that he never went to the police academy (which explained so much according to Jessie). He shows up twice in Badfellas, first trying to report Emma and Vincent, and later in the park telling Jessie that Zuri wouldn't leave the tree. He is also mentioned once in a phone call Jessie has to him but does not have an appearance or a speaking role. He returns in Cattle Calls & Scary Walls. He also has a little brother named Ricky who won Class President from Vincent's help. Petey also made Tony jealous in (Green-Eyed Monsters) when he took Jessie to an improv class.  He is really desperate for his first arrest, even trying to arrest a squirrel, only to be mauled by it. He fell in love with Agatha in Pain in the Rear Window, but changes his mind when he found out that the mole and tooth from her are real, instead he was scared of her.



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