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New York Tipton Hotel (previously called Hotel!) is a very large building, which is located in New York City. Mr. Moseby (as seen in Karate Kid-tastrophe) works there as head manager, revealing the after-events, of The Suite Life on Deck, 'Graduation on Deck'. He was believed to be working there for three years.


Before Karate Kid-tastrophe

The NYC Tipton Hotel was officially opened on September 29, 2011 (A day before JESSIE premiered on Disney Channel) and a year later, (after the series-finale events of The Suite Life on Deck), Mr. Moseby applied for a job there, and became head-manager, and has also been working there for three years.

Meeting Jessie

In 2015, Jessie accidentally bumps into Mr. Moseby, after Emma, locked herself behind one of the Tipton hotel rooms, due to her running away. Jessie, then asked him, 'Do you know how annoying kids can be?' and Moseby recalls his experiences with Zack and Cody Martin from the past. Jessie asks Marion, for how-to-handle-kids advice, but Mr. Moseby walks away, stops and walks back and gives Jessie very great advice and says, 'Your very welcome' after Jessie says thank you. Eventually, Emma opens her hotel door, and reveals what is wrong. Then, Emma opens the door, and Jessie, falls behind on the hotel floor, after she sits on the ground, head placed on the door. Jessie and Emma have a girl's day, and close the hotel door behind them. When the door closes, Mr. Moseby is seen talking to Cody Martin on the phone, saying, Jessie looks exactly like Bailey Pickett (also from the Suite Life Series). Cody says he wants to see for himself, with Moseby's last line being, 'Oh Dear!'

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