Nana Banana
Gender Female
Nationality American
Professional Information
  Retired Clown
Friends and Family
Zuri Ross
Jessie Prescott
Love interests
Harry Arthur (husband; deceased)

Officer Bill

Other Information
First Appearance
  "Zuri's New Old Friend"
Portrayed by
Jo Anne Worley

Nana Banana, also known as Mrs. Arthur, is a retired funny clown who uses a banana as a gag, and lives in the same apartment building as the Ross Family. She befriends Zuri, but Jessie becomes jealous of Zuri constantly spending time with her, and begins to think that she is a bad influence on Zuri. She first appeared in the episode Zuri's New Old Friend.



  • She used to be a clown.
  • Her gimmicks and jokes revolve around bananas.
  • She does yoga and Tai Chi.
  • She has been married once and her husband died of unknown causes.
  • Just like Zuri, she has an imaginary friend, which is her husband.
  • She lives downstairs from the Ross family.
  • She has a squeaky horn.
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