Mrs. Kipling
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hometown New York
Born India
Professional Information
Major Ravi
Friends and Family
Unknown parents
Unknown siblings
Her 12 lizards


Love interests
Plastic lizard at the park/ dog (Gi Jessie)

Mrs. Chesterfield

Other Information
Portrayed by

Mrs. Kipling, originally known as Mr. Kipling, is the family pet, a 7-foot Asian Water Monitor Lizard in JESSIE. The lizard belongs to Ravi and is only link to his beloved homeland, India.

Mrs. Kipling is portrayed by the lizard actor, Frank.


Mrs. Kipling, a seven-foot water monitor lizard, was found by Ravi in a swamp in India when she was just an egg. Ravi did what any normal kid would do. He sat on the egg, hatched the egg, and befriended Mrs. Kipling for life.

In The Talented Mr. Kipling, she used her tail to swat away the hawk that tried to attack Mrs. Chesterfield's chihuahua.

During the episode Zuri's New Old Friend, Mrs. Kipling was in love with a plastic dinosaur after going to the park with Jessie, Emma, Zuri, Luke and her helpful owner Ravi.

In Christmas Story, She gets a pair of reindeer antlers for Christmas.

In Romancing the Crone, she is shown playing the piano. She is known as a very talented lizard.

In Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation, She becomes Ravi's assistant detective. While Ravi dress up as a cop from CSI, Kipling dresses up as Sherlock Holmes.


  • When JESSIE was in fruition, Mrs. Kipling was originally a capybara and owned by 10-year-old Javier.
  • She is named after English author Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book. Mrs. Kipling is also the name of a Victoria Sponge Company.
  • According to Jessie, she is a Pisces. (Zuri's New Old Friend).
  • Mrs. Kipling scratches Jessie's leg calves.
  • She likes the Twilight series as mentioned by Ravi.
  • She has rescued Mrs. Chesterfield's dog, Zeus (The Talented Mr. Kipling).
  • Is 7 ft. long, stated by Mrs. Chesterfield (The Talented Mr. Kipling).
  • Ihe'she is not fed on a regular basis, she will get cranky and people will get hurt (Badfellas).
  • Mrs.Kipling once developed a crush on a plastic lizard at the park.
  • She likes to cling to Bertram's leg.
  • Is revealed to be a girl in "The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling", being seen with eggs.
  • She is revealed to have 12 baby lizards
  • Ravi says that she must have conceived the baby lizards back in the episode "We Are So Grounded" by the other unknown lizards.
  • There is a fake stunt double lizard in some scenes if the cast is close to Frank (Mrs.Kipling),



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