These are all of the minor characters in JESSIE who don't have articles on this wiki.


Derk is the older brother of Trevor. He is just as selfish as his younger brother. It is quite possible Derk influenced Trevor to be a bully, as he appears to be one himself. He appeared in the episode Zombie Tea Party 5. Derk is strong enough to be able to bite the top half off a water bottle.

In Zombie Tea Party 5, Trevor introduces Derk, claiming he has been in prison for a while, saying he will be his partner for paintball against Luke. Later, he helps Trevor in paintball, although they ended up losing the match against Jessie and Luke. Derk was the first to lose against Jessie's team after Jessie dodged his shots Matrix-style.

Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are the ladies who serves kids' lunches at the school. In Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?, they appear to be afraid of Dale Davenport like the rest of the school. If she had not been scared to testify on behalf of Dale he would have been suspended. In Badfellas, a different lunch lady appears, named Agnes and doesn't make Vincent pay for lunch since he gives her designer hairnets.

Nanny Kay Edginton

Nanny Kay is the Ross Family's former nanny. When she couldn't handle the Ross Kids anymore, she packed up her bags and left. She is seen running out of the building, screaming in "New York, New Nanny". It is later mentioned that her last words were that they'd hear from her lawyers.

​Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy is the nurse at the Emma's school. When Emma wears heels to try to start a new trend nobody does it. Then she sees Nurse Nancy walking down the hall with the same heels and runs to her to talk about a new trend she wants to start.

  • There is also a Nurse Nancy on The Suite Life on Deck.

Ranger Bill

Ranger Bill was introduced in "Zuri's New Old Friend", as the park ranger. His love interest is Nana Banana and ends up going out with Nana Banana.

Statue of Liberty Man

Take the A-Train... I Think 2
Staue of Liberty Man was the person that was on the train with Ravi, Jessie, Emma, and Zuri.  He gave them coupons to a sub restaurant. It is shown that Ravi thinks that he is the real Statue of Liberty and calls him Mr.Lady Liberty.


Quint was the person who helped Ravi and Emma at 84th St. Station in Take the A-Train...I Think?


Tanya is a girl that Ravi has a crush on in the episode A Doll's Outhouse.

In A Doll's Outhouse, Tanya has being a recurring character only in this episode.

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