Well, run me over and call me dinner!
— Maybelle's catchphrase

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Maybelle is the Rosses' new neighbor. Her only appearance is in Hoedown Showdown though she was mentioned in Morning Rush. She’s portrayed by Stefanie Scott .


Maybelle is a sweet and kind country girl. She’s similar to Jessie Prescott. She’s a true friend with a big heart. She’s a fan of the country shows and music that Zuri likes and she also loves animals. She’s supportive and tries her best to keep her friendship with Emma.


Maybelle is very attractive and beautiful. She has a curvy body. She’s similar to Jessie Prescott in a lot of ways, mostly by personality. Maybelle has long brown hair, tied in pigtails. She has fair skin and dark eyes and she always wears shirts and denim jumpsuits. She‘s a Texan. She has a thick accent, which she tries to hide because of Emma.


  • Maybelle is the opposite of Lexi. Maybelle is nice and sweet while Lexi Reed is mean and more of an antagonist in the A.N.T. Farm series.
  • Maybelle is similar to Jessie Prescott on the show as well as Lou on Bunk'd.
  • Maybelle has a brown pet chicken named Rover and a dog named Mr. Cluck.
  • Zuri is nicknamed “Pumpkin” by Maybelle.


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