Background information
First seen "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening"
Portrayer G. Hannelius
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Mad Mack, Mack
Personality Clever, Kind, Cool (by Luke)
Appearance Auburn hair, blue eyes
Birthday c. 1998 (age: 20-21)
Occupation Actress
Goal Get revenge at Connie for tying her up
Friends Luke Ross
Connie Thompson (formerly) / (fake roommate)
Jessie Prescott, Ravi Ross, Emma Ross, Zuri Ross, Bertram Winkle, Boomer
Enemies Connie Thompson, Luke Ross (formerly), Jessie Prescott (formerly)
Likes Acting
Dislikes Being tied up and gagged by Connie
Powers and abilities Acting
Fate Gets untied after Boomer forces Connie to untie everyone
Quote Hey, you still owe me $600.

Mackenzie better known as Mad Mack is the false antagonist on the show and an actress Creepy Connie hired in Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening to pretend that she was her roommate nicknamed "Mad Mack" and Luke's friend, but however Luke realized that she was only an actress. She is portrayed by G. Hannelius.


Creepy Connie hired Mackenzie to play her boarding school roommate so that Luke will think Connie is over him and think Mackenzie really is Mad Mack so Connie could scare Luke right into her plan to marry him, but Mackenzie later reveals to Luke that she was never Connie's roommate and Luke isn't her type and later Connie goes way too far and ties Mackenzie up. Later on, Connie reveals that she spent all the money that she was going to give Mackenzie for acting in the "wedding" that she had with Luke

Mackenzie meets Luke in the park when she catches his baseball and pretends to have a crush on him and later she arrives at the penthouse and tries to handcuff herself to Luke but then Creepy Connie arrives to attack Mackenzie, and later she films herself under Luke's bed and says that Luke will belong to her forever, but later it is revealed that she is an actress and never crushed on Luke.


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