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Luke in "Christmas Story"

Luke Ross (born (Luke Colson as he thought but real born) name is Luke Olson) is one of the main characters of Jessie. He is shown to be a very mischievous and irresponsible boy. He was adopted from Detroit, Michigan when he was 4 years old. Luke is the second oldest. Luke was portrayed by the late Cameron Boyce.


Luke Ross was born in 1999, in Detroit, Michigan to Vanessa Olson, which was announced in Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales. He was adopted at the age of 4 by Morgan and Christina Ross. Luke has a stuffed bear named Kenny The Koala.

In his first days of school, Luke quickly became popular among his friends and peers. He is shown to be athletic but does poorly grade-wise. Upon meeting Jessie, Luke quickly forms a crush on her but despite the fact that there's a seven-year age gap between them, he still tries to flirt with her. Luke's favorite thing to do is take advantage of his slightly younger brother, Ravi, but in the end, Luke gets what he deserves.


Luke is a mischievous, sarcastic, cool, and a prank-loving boy. Several times he is shown to be bored out of his mind, especially when it comes to school, yet he is clever when it comes to playing tricks on his siblings and Bertram. He loves to do break dance.

Luke is nice and caring. Luke is a good kid, but he is shown to be self-centered when it comes to impressing girls or when he feels entitled to something. He is shown to be intelligent in Identity Thieves, but it was because he never tried, that he did poorly in school. But usually, he's an air-head, as he constantly loses thought when it comes to checking out or crushing on girls or almost anything else.

Luke is very talented at dancing, especially break dancing. He often finds toning his dancing skills down to be difficult. In the episode "One Day Wonders" he break dances while Jessie plays the song "Texas Guys" in Central Park. In "To- Con" he and Emma give Bertram salsa dancing lessons so that he can impress a girl he has a crush on, by showing him some "basic steps," that no novice regardless of their weight can keep up with. When Bertram's self-confidence at the dance contest gets the best of him, Luke takes his place.

The girl describes him as "a bit of a showboat," which is proven to be quite true when he and Emma win the contest hands down. He also had a crush on Bryn Breitbart, but finally realizes Bryn's true colors.

Luke has a terrible sense of hygiene. His gym clothes were able to knock out Mrs. Kipling. He doesn't care that much about his clothes as he has been known to rarely change his underwear. He hardly ever brushes his teeth and has a very smelly armpit smell, which he calls "a gift".

Changes in Personality

Season 1

Luke is immature, mischievous and a prankster.

Season 2

He is slightly more mature, and might be a little smarter, but still a prankster and his voice started to change.

Season 3

He is much smarter and quite mature now. He is also more sensitive., And he almost completely stops with the pranking and also his voice got deeper

Season 4

He continues to get smarter and more mature. He cares more about school. He stops pranking.


Luke Ross has curly black hair, a widows peak, brown eyes, and lots of freckles. He has dimples on both sides of his mouth. Luke dresses in jeans, high tops, and dress shirts. Luke was initially short in comparison to others, he only reached up to Jessie's shoulder. He had a huge growth spurt and grew from 4'9" to 5'7", he grew almost a foot taller and was about as tall as his sister Emma.


Jessie Prescott

Jessie and Luke

Jessie is Luke's nanny and best friend who he has a crush on. Throughout the show, he constantly tries to hit on Jessie, as many times as possible, even though she makes it clear she's uninterested, but still doesn't manage to give up. Due to being an air-head he usually misunderstands the idea that Bertram and Jessie are pretending either acting or pretending to be a couple. He even gets creepy when it's revealed by Luke that he saved a DVD video of Jessie hanging out at the beach and that he placed a camera in Jessie's room to spy on her, however, Jessie found out about it and placed a note saying that he's a pig. (SEE: Lessie)

Zuri Ross

Zuri is Luke's youngest sister adopted from Africa. They appear to have a good brother-sister relationship, due to the fact that they both commonly enjoy pulling pranks or making schemes on other people. (SEE: Luri)

Emma Ross (2004-Present; older sister)

"I am happy that you are Ross."

— Emma to Luke.

Emma and Luke.

Emma is Luke's older sister. They tend to fight a lot, but they still have some fun adventures together and can sometimes get along.

Emma and Luke are in some ways closer to each other than to other siblings.

Or looking at their skirmishes they really love each other. Emma shows how much Luke is dear to her when he wanted to find his biological mother and only Emma agreed to help him, whatever it takes. They also love to make fun of each other, always positive to each other and always there for one another.

She usually doesn't enjoy hanging out with Luke, because of his repulsive and air-headed personality. Also, usually enjoys insulting his sister but also deep down they do care about each other. SEE: (Luma)

Ravi Ross

SEE: (Lavi)
Ravi is Luke's younger brother adopted from India and his best friend. Luke enjoys pulling pranks on Ravi, but they do share a good brotherly relationship. But, usually either manipulates him throughout his intelligence or constantly insults him about him not being able to get girls, being a nerd, never winning anything, or being nonathletic.

Morgan and Christina Ross

They are the parents of Luke Ross. Luke is described as the child version of his dad, which is possibly where he gets his air-headed, immature, and repulsive personality.

Connie Thompson

Connie and Luke.jpg Connie has an obsessive crush on Luke as seen in Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'. However, he doesn't like her back because he considers her fully creepy and insane. She returns in Creepy Connie's Curtain Call. She gets the lead role in Jessie's play in order to kiss him. Connie almost "married" him in Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening, as a plan to scare Luke into her arms but luckily, her uncle Boomer shows up in time to stop the “wedding”. See: (Lonnie)


  • Luke stands at 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Luke was originally written as an 11-year-old boy from South Korea named Hiro. It was changed because casting directors were impressed with Boyce during the audition process, and ultimately decided to recreate the role specifically for him.
  • Luke is proud of the fact that he has big ears and the fact that he's gassy because he thinks it brings him closer to dating Jessie or any girls.
  • He owes Ravi 10 dollars.
  • He plays the accordion.
  • He wears panda underwear. (Trashin' Fashion)
  • In an alternate future, Luke becomes a Dance-ketball Hall of Famer. (The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day)
  • According to Luke, Kenny the Koala was his only family when he got adopted. (Quitting Cold Koala)
  • Luke's voice begins to deepen by the end of season 2 due to Cameron Boyce going through puberty, along with Ravi's voice. Similar to Gabe from "Good Luck Charlie" for his misdemeanor and Max from "Wizards of Waverly Place", for his usual low intelligence.
  • He has a bucket list. (Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas)
  • Luke with Kenny the Koala

    He has a fantasy girlfriend list. (Diary of a Mad Newswoman)
  • He possibly has Synesthesia and can see music as colors. (All The Knight Moves)
  • Luke wants to become a professional dancer when he's older. (Krumping and Crushing)
  • For a while, he believed he was from another planet named Krypton because Morgan told him some time ago when he was younger as a joke. It wasn't until later when he found out he was from Detroit.
  • He is revealed to eat and chew his toenails. ("Rossed at Sea Part 3").
  • Luke said the last line of the series: "Always".
  • Luke appeared in a "Bunk'd" episode called "Luke's Back".
  • In the episode "Luke's Back", the reason he came back to camp was that he missed Emma, Ravi, and Zuri.
    • Also, it was revealed he got straight A's in summer school.
      • And he also helped the Rosses, Xander, Lou, Hazel, and Jorge defeat Camp Champion to win exclusive rights to The Spot.
  • Although his ethnicity or race has never been revealed in the show, his multiracial ethnicity in real life may correspond to him in the show.
  • Both Jessie and Teddy have called Luke "freckles". (New York, New Nanny, and Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas)
  • Luke became very tall and muscular. He was able to grow extremely tall as shown when he is in a van his head touches the top of it and he has to slouch in order to fit, due to his immense body.
  • A running gag in the show, is Luke having terrible grooming habits.
  • According to Bertram, Luke only brushes his teeth two nights a week.
  • Luke returns again in an episode of "Bunk'd" called "Luke Out Below".
  • In the episode "Luke Out Below", Luke came to camp on a helicopter, and he, Griff, and the Rosses climb a mountain.
    • Also, it is revealed that he had a week off from summer school.
  • A running gag in the series is when the gang talks about his report card.
  • His actor Cameron Boyce, died on July 6, 2019 in his home in Los Angeles.


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