Lindsey Kate Margine Hurstenbach
Beauty & the Beasts 3.png
Gender Female
Age 9
Nationality American, Polynesian, and British
Hometown New York
Professional Information
  Karate student, student
Friends and Family
Axel (brother)
Agatha, Zuri, Emma Ross
Other Information
First Appearance
  Beauty & the Beasts
Portrayed by
Nikki Hahn

Lindsey Kate Margine Hurstenbach is a girl who is about Zuri's age. Nanny Agatha is her nanny and Zuri is briefly her enemy. Her first and only appearance was in the episode, Beauty and the Beasts, when she entered the "Little Miss Big Apple Beauty Pageant" against Zuri. She is  portrayed by Nikki Hahn.


Lindsey starts off a snobby girl, much like her nanny, Agatha, and her possible brother, Axel. She knows karate very well as she used it on her father and made him walk with a limp for a month. Lindsey is a pretty girl, but was shown to be very rude towards Zuri, although by the end of the episode the two become more friendly to each other.

Episode Appearance

Season 1


Agatha explained to Jessie that Lindsey is a master of karate. during her Little Miss Big Apple" Performance, she showed her skills by attacking her dad and making him walk with a limp for a month.


  • Lindsey and Zuri have one main thing in common: they extremely know karate.
  • Considering the fact that Agatha is her nanny, dresses regally, and holds a similar snobbish personality, it is most likely that Lindsay is Axel’s sister.


Lindsay with her nanny, Agatha

Lindsey and Zuri

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