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Kenny the Koala is Luke's stuffed animal koala manufactured in China. It has been revealed that he no longer needs Kenny to cuddle with him in bed in Quitting Cold Koala. He is shown to be a stuffed koala wearing a black hat, and after Stuart repaired him, as all parts of his body were ripped off his torso, he smells like bleach, and has a doll's eye. In Make New Friends but Hide the Old, Luke states that Kenny's been with him since he was a baby and that sometimes he takes him to dentist when he's nervous because he hasn't flossed. He is very close and dear to Luke. In Quitting Cold Koala, we find out before Luke came to the Rosses, Kenny was his only family.

In Creepy Connie Comes a Callin', he is decapitated and is sewn back by Jessie. His head is still bobbing as mentioned by Luke in Creepy Connie's Curtain Call.

Kenny in Luke's dream (Bertram)


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  8. Driving Miss Crazy (Cameo)


  • Kenny is an actual plush toy from Build- A- Bear. You can find him on ebay.

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