Josie Totah
Full Name

Josie Jay Totah


August 5, 2001 (age 17)


Actor, stand-up comedian

Years Active





Stuart Wooten

Josie Totah (born August 5, 2001) is an American teen actress. She portrays the character Stuart Wooten in television series, Jessie.

Description from IMDb

It didn't take long for this 17 year old to land a starring role alongside of the legendary James Caan, once she convinced her parents to move to Hollywood so she could pursue her dream - to be in show business. Josie knew at a young age that she was born to entertain. As early as 6 years old, she was making YouTube videos and entertaining her large family at Thanksgiving dinners. The crowds got bigger though, as she went on to book regional and community theater productions of 'Beauty and the Beast' and' Seussical' in and around her hometown of Davis. But Josie still longed for the big time and her mom remembers walking in on Josie only to find that she was calling Hollywood agents and introducing herself! The tables soon turned though and they started calling her! After seeing Josie perform stand up (as part of Standing Tall) at the renowned Hollywood Improv, Josie proved to be a natural- impressing casting directors, agents and managers with her brilliant comedic timing and delivery. The rest is quickly becoming history. Josie recurred for 2 seasons on the Disney Channel's sitcom 'Jessie' and landed other TV and film roles, as well as appearing in national commercials.


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  • She is about the same age as Skai Jackson.
  • In August of 2018, Josie came out as trans, using she/her pronouns.

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