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This has been the most amazing four years of my life.
— Jessie in "Jessie Goes to Hollywood"

Jessie Marie Prescott is the main protagonist and titular character of Jessie.

She's sweet, caring, smart, clever and polite who can say silly things at times, but she still cares about her charges. Jessie doesn't make sense sometimes but is still a fun person to be around. She considers herself a struggling actress when she hasn't really acted at all. She loves Luke Ross, Emma Ross, Zuri Ross and Ravi Ross like they are her own family.

Jessie was portrayed by Debby Ryan.


Jessie's arrival in New York.

Jessie was born & raised in San Antonio which is in the city of Killeen, Texas. Her dad's in the Marine Corps and she often describes him as being strict but soft. Jessie attended military boarding school from ages 6 to 18.

When she was 18, Jessie got a sudden desire to follow her dreams and moved to New York City as she believed that the place was where dreams came true. She'd told her father that she "had a great job", but actually had no idea where she was going to work. While in a taxi, Jessie realized that her wallet was missing and she had no money. This led to her being thrown out of the cab, right outside an apartment building. She was unexpectedly given a job as a nanny after one of the kids, Zuri Ross, saw her out on the street. She denied, but she was hired anyway. She then moved into Ross Manor where she meets the other kids:

  • Emma Ross, a bubbly 13-year-old who tries to reshape the world.
  • Ravi Ross, a 11-year-old Indian adoptee who’s imbued with his Indian culture, but he’s thrilled about being in the US.
  • Luke Ross, the 12-year-old American adoptee who’s very mischievous and loves to play video games.

She also meets her co-workers:

  • Tony Chiccolini, the 20-year-old doorman.
  • Bertram Winkle, the cranky butler who cooks and cleans but can also be lazy at points in his job. He also doesn't like being a butler.


Jessie is a very warm-hearted, friendly, kind and fun young woman to be around, but she’s sometimes rather clumsy. She’s always willing to help others, especially the Ross Kids, and tries her best to achieve goals. Even though she can get extremely jealous and annoyed at times, Jessie does her best to make things right at the end. She’s somewhat naive and almost never moody. She describes her romantic life to be very embarrassing and sad and states that she has never been on a date where something hasn't gone wrong. She has a fear of Port-a-Potties, but she gets over it in A Doll's Outhouse. In Star Wars it’s revealed she dislikes rats. Jessie is an idealistic, optimistic, well-rounded starry-eyed teen who does her best to aim high. She was a straight A student and Class of 2011 high school graduate in school. Not only that, but she has a squeaky clean record. She knows how to fly a helicopter and loves music. Despite being friendly, she can be aggressive and threatening, when others push her to her limits. Despite this, she nearly always does the right thing. She loves the children a lot and is always supporting them during their hardest. She encourages them to do their best, and provides them with guidance, as is seen in many episodes. This shows her positive character. Jessie's cousin Bailey has the exact same personality as her.



Jessie has fair skin, long light auburn hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. She has a square, plump face and full lips. She has a curvy body. She usually curls her medium-length hair but also can be seen with straight hair in some episodes. She also has a firm, strong, and powerful build. Her outfits are always colorful, and she wears both dresses and blouses, jeans, tights, etc. Jessie's most worn type of footwear appears to be boots and sandals, and she is very rarely seen wearing sneakers. She’s known to be very pretty. In most episodes, she’s always wearing high heels.


Emma Ross

Emma and Jessie seeing Jordan Taylor for the first time.

(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends)

Emma and Jessie are good friends who tell each other everything. Emma sometimes calls Jessie ugly and says she has a bad taste in fashion but loves her and she becomes mean to her back. (See Jemma)

Luke Ross

(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends )

While Jessie takes no romantic interest in Luke whatsoever, throughout the first season Luke is constantly trying to ask her out and flirt with her. During the second season, Luke seems to understand that she isn’t interested, but every now and then tries to flirt with her. While they don’t have a romantic relationship, they are both friendly to each other. However, in Diary Of A Mad Newswoman, it can be noticed she’s more interested in his crush on her than she is in other episodes. (See Lessie)

Ravi Ross


(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends)

Since Ravi is usually picked on by the other kids (Luke is usually the ringleader), Jessie sticks up for him and solves the problem it is shown that Jessie cares for Ravi very much and loves him very much and are good friends. (See Javi)

Zuri Ross

(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends)


She and Jessie have a very close sisterly-like relationship. Jessie gets worried whenever Zuri talks to her imaginary friends too much or doesn't do her homework at all, but Zuri still listens to her... eventually. Jessie always has her back whenever she gets bullied. For instance, in the World Wide Web of Lies, Jessie defends Zuri when she gets harassed by Agatha and Axel. At other times, Jessie tries to get Zuri to listen to her, but almost every attempt fails, like in Badfellas, Zuri refuses to leave her tree, Branchy, in Central Park, no matter how many times Jessie forced her to do so. Also, Jessie was the only one to find out about Zuri's amazing chess skills. Overall, they have a wonderful friendship. (See Zessie)

Bertram Winkle

(Season 1-4; Co-Worker, Best friends)


Jessie often comes to Bertram for advice regarding helping the kids out with their problems. Bertram usually gives her answers that involve being lazy, but they give Jessie good ideas. While Bertram shows himself to not want Jessie around, he thinks of as family, and he truly does care about her as a friend and is even willing to walk her down the aisle posing for her father on her wedding day (There Goes the Bride). (See Bessie)

Tony Chiccolini

(Season 1-4; Close Friends; Boyfriend, Still In Love With)

Tessie :)

They meet in the pilot episode when Jessie first becomes the nanny to the Ross kids. In the third episode, Tony asks Jessie out on a date. Jessie doesn't want to date anyone she works with because she worries about the awkwardness there would be if they were to break up. Tony tries to kiss her but she avoids him. Soon afterward though, she realizes she has feelings for him and they begin dating later in the season. They have their first kiss in the episode Tempest in a Teacup. In Break-Up and Shape-Up, they decide to break up but remain close friends. They also admit they will always love each other. They still get along really well together after initial awkwardness right after breaking up. Tony still has feelings for her. They got back together in The Ghostest With the Mostest. (See Tessie)

Brooks Wentworth

(Season 3-4; Ex-fiancé)

No Money, Mo' Problems.jpg

They first met in the first part of the Season 3 finale "Between the Swoon & New York City". They started dating in that episode and, soon after, got engaged. They broke up in the final part of the finale "There Goes the Bride" because she wasn't ready to share her life with someone else. In the Season 4 episode, But Africa Is So... Fari!, Jessie is convinced that Brooks isn't over her. The kids take her to Africa because they think she isn't over him. There, they learn that Brooks actually has a girlfriend Kami and is completely over Jessie. Kami and Brooks even have an inside joke about Jessie. (See Bressie)


In "Jessie Goes To Hollywood", she finally gets her big break as an actress, thereby leaving New York and her charges to go to Hollywood. Her career and further relationship with the Ross kids are unknown, as well as the relationship between Tony and Jessie.


Jessie Prescott used to work as a nanny to a rich family. She moved to New York City in the first episode after already telling her father she had a job. She didn't however and she soon meets the seven-year-old Zuri Ross. Zuri then brings her into her penthouse and asks her to be her and her siblings' nanny. After much consideration, and approval from Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Jessie accepts the position. Every now and then Jessie gets into trouble and worries if she might lose her job but the Ross parents know she tries her best and loves the children very much. Jessie's dream job is to be an actress. She has tried getting multiple jobs in anything from commercials to plays, to TV shows, but usually these end in disaster. In Jessie's Big Break, she made friends with a famous actress, Shaylee Michaels and got a job as a stuntwoman even though she wasn't technically registered as one. Jessie finally got her big break, when she gets to be a lead on a new tv series about a superhero and gets to become a nanny to children as a cover in the series finale.



  • Jessie's hair color changes every season, the only character to do so, getting brighter every season. At the series' premiere season, her hair is dyed a very dark red. In the second season, her hair gets redder and brighter (Bright Maroon). In the third season, her hair gets even brighter; she develops an orange tone (Light Auburn). In season 4 her hair gets straighter and shorter. The color remains almost the same, only gaining a blonder tone (Blond Auburn).
  • Jessie's name was supposed to be Marlo O'Keefe then it changed to Jessie O'Keefe before it got changed again to Jessie Prescott.
  • Jessie knows how to fly and land a plane and a helicopter.
  • Jessie can sing and play the guitar as well.
  • Jessie is a Libra, so she was born between September 23 and October 22. (Acting With the Frenemy)
  • Jessie had a hamster named Captain Nibbles that could sniff out landmines, but according to her, he wasn't very good.
  • Jessie, Luke Ross, Ravi Ross and Zuri Ross are the only characters to appear in every episode.
  • Jessie was a huge tattletale growing up.
  • Jessie has a diary that she writes in.
  • Jessie has a freckle on her right cheek.
  • Jessie once broke curfew and her dad took away her tank privileges.
  • Jessie eats ice cream and listens to Adele songs when she's sad.
  • Jessie sometimes talks to her first dog, Champ (Zuri's New Old Friend).
  • Jessie had a bowl of sea monkeys that got killed by a very thirsty cat. (Romancing the Crone)
  • Jessie's mother died when she was younger (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie learned how to speak Hindi from Ravi (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie loves the show Hip-Hop Exterminator. (Cattle Calls & Scary Walls)
  • During Jessie's senior prom night, her date dumped her for the entire drill team.
  • Jessie claimed she was the captain of a drill team in high school but actually she was the equipment manager (Throw Momma From the Terrace) (Rossed at Sea Part 3)
  • Jessie sometimes wears Emma Ross's shoes.
  • Jessie is secretly obsessed with boy bands (Make New Friends But Hide the Old).
  • Jessie is banned from the state, Oklahoma.
  • Jessie is a universal blood donor. She’s most likely to have the blood type, 'O Negative'. (New York, New Nanny).
  • Jessie has a clean permanent record, not including the time in third grade when she went to the bathroom without a hall pass (New York, New Nanny).
  • Jessie was an Armadillo Scout when she was younger (We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges).
  • Jessie loves R.V's. (Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation).
  • Jessie's high school nemesis was Jenna Glowinki (Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned).
  • Jessie loves riddles (Quitting Cold Koala).
  • To Jessie, bologna is easily the world's best-processed meat product (Why Do Foils Fall In Love?).
  • In Jessie's last high school yearbook, she was voted 'Class Clownfish' and 'Most Likely To Grow A Barnacle' (Tempest in a Teacup).
  • Jessie once got trapped inside of a meat locker.
  • Jessie father always wished she was a boy until she overcame the last hurdle of the obstacle course (Throw Momma From the Terrace).
  • Jessie watches a knitting show (Diary Of A Mad Newswoman).
  • Jessie had a fear of port-a-potties (A Doll's Outhouse).
  • Jessie owns a copy of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (Zuri's New Old Friend).
  • Jessie was a straight-A student (New York, New Nanny).
  • Jessie once lost a kid to an ostrich before she met the Ross family (We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges).
  • Jessie's phone is dark blue (The Trouble With Tessie).
  • Jessie had to eat with the cafeteria ladies in high school (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie's mom used to drive her to school in a tank (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie believes that running away never solves anything (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie was once pushed into a well by Darla. (G.I. Jessie)
  • Jessie can play the bugle. (G.I. Jessie)
  • Jessie knows how to sharp-shoot. (Badfellas)
  • Jessie's mother always told her to follow her dreams. (G.I. Jessie)
  • Jessie thinks that she would look good as a blonde which is ironic because of Debby Ryan, the person who plays her, is a natural brunette but it lightened to blonde which was her hair color before she started Jessie. (Punch Dumped Love).
  • According to Darla Shannon, Jessie was distinctly unpopular in high school (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie was bullied in high school (Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned).
  • Jessie once got a call-back for a foot fungus commercial (G.I. Jessie).
  • Jessie thinks that squirrels are adorable (One Day Wonders).
  • Jessie loves the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Green-Eyed Monsters)
  • Jessie helped a Texas Longhorn give birth and earned a merit badge. (Green-Eyed Monsters)
  • Jessie always wanted to be a ringtone. (One Day Wonders)
  • Jessie won second place in her middle school talent show. (One Day Wonders)
  • Jessie knows Morse Code. (Panic Attack Room)
  • Jessie likes whipped cream. (Panic Attack Room)
  • When Jessie was in prison briefly, she became friends with Quisha. When Jessie was freed she gave Quisha her bracelet.
  • Jessie takes Emma to dance class in a helicopter. (Panic Attack Room)
  • During the show's development, Jessie's character was cut. Then, it was planned to be the 17-year-old Ross sister named Angel. Later, the character was reshaped again made into what we know as Jessie today.
  • Jessie wrote a one-woman show entitled 'The Girl Who Was Too Pretty To Get Asked To The Dance'. (Caught Purple Handed)
  • Jessie almost starred in a commercial for a kitchen appliance called a Kitchen Dragon, until the people who wanted her to be in the commercial caught her with purple hands. (Caught Purple Handed)
  • A gingerbread house Jessie made that wasn't up to code and fell on the gingerbread family and it haunts her. (Christmas Story)
  • Jessie can't dance (Krumping and Crushing).
  • Jessie is very ticklish (Caught Purple Handed).
  • Jessie was going to get married.[1]
  • There is a marble wedged in one of Jessie's ears, put in there by her school's librarian (Morning Rush).
  • Jessie dyes her hair in the third season to bright red.
  • Chinese food is Jessie's favorite food. (Between the Swoon and New York City)
  • Jessie is gymnastically inclined. (Zombie Tea Party 5)
  • Jessie's favorite song is Stay, by Rihanna.
  • Jessie dreams of being a famous actress. Get her big break pretty soon.
  • Jessie feels like she’s 40 and is a single mom with her 4 kids, instead of a nanny taking care of children.
  • Jessie says her mother's womb wasn't any better than her life because her mom ate a lot of Jalapeños.
  • Jessie's dad got her a necklace in Italy.
  • Jessie is scared of clowns.
  • Jessie is a fan of the Twilight Saga, considering she has the books, she’s on Team Jacob and is a fan of Taylor Lautner. (The Whining)
  • Jessie finally got her big break in the series finale, when she got to be a leader in a TV series where she is a secret agent and moonlights as a nanny to a couple of kids as a cover.
  • Jessie appeared in the "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors" episode, Halloween Night of Museum along with Emma, Ravi, Zuri, Luke and Mrs. Kipling.
  • Jessie is the first Disney Channel protagonist to experience marriage and the first to be in their 20s.
  • Jessie is the only main character who didn’t appear in Bunk'd.
  • Jessie has many similarities to Lou Hockhauser from Bunk'd.
  • If her full name is Jessica Marie Prescott, she shares a first name-middle name combination with Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Willow on Liv and Maddie.
  • It is possible that Jessie's last name is a reference to Col. William Prescott, who was a prominent rebel military commander during the American Revolution. This would be befitting of her military background.


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