"J.W." Prescott is Jessie's father. He has been mentioned by Jessie multiple times, and he appeared in only one episode called "G.I. Jessie".

Lt. Prescott was portrayed by James Patrick Stuart (From Supernatural).


J.W. Prescott is Jessie's father. He is part of the military. Jessie mentions him often. He taught Jessie a lot of things. He taught her how to survive in the desert with nothing but a toothpick and a bobby pin. He also taught her how to fly a helicopter and use an AK47. He also stuck up for her in high school, scaring the cheerleaders to death by throwing an avocado at them and yelling "fire in the hole!" (causing them to think it was a grenade). In Take the A-Train... I Think?, he is described as having a crew cut and a strange desire to have people punch him in the stomach. He's also implied to be highly critical.

Its revealed that he keeps a millitary flamethrower, because he's too cheap to buy a barbeque.

He is revealed in "GI Jessie" to have fallen out with Jessie over the fact that she left to New York, rather than her joining the military, but by the end of the story the two manage to patch up their relationship. He proves to be much like Jessie. For instance he strict, tough and militaristic, able to play a capable millitary officer. As well as being highly dedicated to his career. Never the less he also showed a more laid back side on occasion, aswell as a few of Jessie's traits, such as telling stories about his relationship and being slightly dizy on occasion.



  • He wished Jessie was a boy before she made him proud
  • He taught Jessie a lot of things
  • He loves Jessie alot
  • He is strict but loving at times
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