The following page contains mature content. If you are uncomfortable or offended by such material, please do not read further.

Season 1

New York, New Nanny

  • Zuri picks up Jessie's bra and laughs when Jessie tries to make her think it's a slingshot.
  • We get this exchange near the beginning:
Emma: "Luke! Give me back my moon!"

Luke: "No way!"
Emma: " I need it for my solar system!"
Luke: "I'll show you moon! (prepares to pull down his pants)"

Emma: "(pushes Luke onto couch and smacks him with pillow)"
  • When Jessie was being grabbed by a tentacle by her waist, she says "At least buy me dinner first".
  • Jessie tells Emma to go "kick some asteroid" for her science project presentation. By this Jessie could mean to go "kick some ass".
  • Luke slides his hand down Jessie's back, going for her butt and says something that could be taken as suggestive.
Luke: "Maybe after dinner, we can..."
Jessie: "Forget it, freckles!"

The Talented Mr. Kipling

  • Luke asks Jessie if she wants to find his "off switch."
Jessie: "Do you have an off-switch?"
Luke: "Yep! You wanna try to find it?"
  • Ravi says that Mrs. Chesterfield is a "pain in the ashram", meaning she is a pain in the ass.
  • "Hey, no PDA in the lobby!" - Tony (Telling Mrs Chesterfeild who has Zeus licking her lips).
  • Zuri tells Jessie that one of her imaginary friends ripped of a place on her build-a-baboon where it is supposed to have babies.

Used Karma

  • Jessie and Emma discuss bra-stuffing.
  • Jessie says, "Just as long as he doesn't touch my end zone!" (referring to Tony)
  • After their date, Jessie says to Tony, "All day long, you've been trying to get with this!"
  • Bertram mentions suicide: "That's me. I'm saving up for a car. So I can run myself over."

Zombie Tea Party 5

  • Emma sends a text to Jasmine and Jasmine says "That's rude, you text your mother with that phone?" Emma could have sent a curse word.

One Day Wonders

  • When Jessie asks Luke where he came from, he says his parents told him a stork. "But the 7th graders have a more interesting theory."
  • Luke wants Jessie to wear a skimpy dress, and she does.

Zuri's New Old Friend

  • Ravi says that someone needs to have "the talk" with him.

Christmas Story

  • Jessie talks about her dad buying her a training bra.

Star Wars

  • Luke tries to pinch Jessie in a sexual-looking manner.
Jessie: "Bertram is actually doing his job. Somebody pinch me!"

Luke: "I'm on it!" (reaches out to pinch Jessie)

Jessie: "Hands off it!" (grabs Luke's hand)
  • Zuri says she is not looking forward to puberty.

Take the A-Train... I Think?

  • Zuri says "I already took care of the bathroom thing. You don't want to know!"

Romancing the Crone

  • "Wait dogs don't sweat...ewww!" -Jessie. This hints that Zeus peed on Jessie
  • "I smell pee." -Zuri. Zuri smelled Zeus's pee
  • Ravi mentions that Luke can't aim properly when he's using the toilet, meaning that Ravi would never have known that without questioning Luke about urine, or he was possibly in the bathroom when Luke was peeing. Also boys tend to aim when they're in the bathroom.
  • During the whole episode Mrs. Chesterfield keeps flirting with Bertram suggestively.

The Princess and the Pea Brain

  • "Hurry, he's stealing your woman! Do something!" - Zuri
  • "I think I got sesame seeds between my buns." - Tony

World Wide Web of Lies

  • When Jessie gets startled by Agatha's sudden appearance on the rock at Central Park, she says, "Son of a biscuit, you're sneaky!" but she really meant to say, "Son of a bitch."

Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

  • Luke accidentally hits Chesterfield in her "private part".
  • Ravi is being squashed by Chesterfield's butt.
  • Jessie and Chesterfield are seen exiting the bathroom together after we hear a flush. They agree never to speak of it.
  • Luke says "I'll monitor all of the footage." After he suggests the idea of a "Nanny Cam."


  • Vincent tells Jessie that patting him down could be the highlight of her week, implying that she will enjoy touching him.
  • Jessie makes Vincent and Emma 'keep your hands to yourself' cookies.
  • Luke says that Mr Kipling bit him in the left butt cheek and offers to show Vincent it. Vincent that quickly replies, "We're not that close."

Beauty & the Beasts

  • Jessie told Zuri that beauty pageants are sexist and demeaning to women.

Evil Times Two

  • When Jessie is in the mud with Tony and Luke, she says "whose hand is this?!" because it was touching her butt, but it was only hers.

Tempest in a Teacup

  • Zuri warns Tony not to have any "wandering fingers" and to "keep his hands to himself."
  • Zuri warns Jessie not to have "too much fun" on her date with Tony.
  • Zuri tells Tony to keep his hand north of the Equator (meaning above Jessie's waist). She then says, "not that north" when his hands are near Jessie's chest, while they are slow dancing in the teacup.
  • When Jessie grabs Tony's waist to hoist him into the teacup, he tells her that they shouldn't tell Zuri about it.

We Are So Grounded

  • Bertram was wearing a hula skirt and it comes off, making the kids cover their eyes.

Creepy Connie's Curtain Call

  • Jessie said "I'm surprised the're allowed to use words like that on a school website." meaning that the comments contained swear words.
  • Ravi thinks that Connie' actitude is "seductive".

Cattle Calls & Scary Walls

  • Jessie states she would like to get her hands on that pirates booty.
  • Officer Petey crossdresses.
  • Jessie says she has an idea on what to call to Zuri, possibly a bitch

The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling

  • Ravi mistook Mrs. Kipling for a male.
  • It is mentioned that Mrs. Kipling has seen Ravi in the bath and in his underwear.
  • When Ravi saw Mr. Kipling's eggs he said that the other lizard in "We're so Grounded" must have been "really" friendly. Meaning they did something for him to have eggs(possibly mating).
    • After that, Jessie says that at least one of them "had fun".

Season 2

The Whining

  • When talking about her costume, Jessie says she will be wearing a short skirt.
  • Hey, keep your hand to yourself, bucko!  - Jessie (meaning someone was touching her behind)
  • When Luke asked how hot the nanny from the 1920s was Zuri said "Get the hose"
  • When Luke imagines two Jessie's, he appears to be thinking something that is suggestive.

Make New Friends But Hide the Old

  • Emma's double D bras are mentioned.

101 Lizards

  • Jessie: "I feel like I'm being watched"

    Luke: "Well, what do you expect, in that dress?"

    Jessie: "NOT BY YOU!"

    Trashin' Fashion

    • Zuri threatens to make Bertram go shop for training bras with her.
    • Bertram tells Zuri that she would not want to know where the bike seat went showing that it went somewhere inappropriate.
    • Christina asks Jessie "How do you like the length?" and Jessie replies, "Yeah, I like the length of it. The length is probably what I like most about it."

    Nanny In Miami

    • In Face to Face, Jessie drags Austin onto the seats and Dez looks at Trish. It looks like having sex.

    The Trouble with Tessie

    • Tony's mother makes a remark about Jessie's hips and how they'd be good to give birth with and Jessie asks for a check. This implies that she's uncomfortable with the prospect of having kids with Tony.

    Teacher's Pest

    • We see a close up shot Mrs Falkenburg's underpants and Zuri cracks up.

    Jessie's Big Break

    • Jessie throws a suitcase on MCD's groin. MCD then says "you bruised my business."
    • Luke videotapes Jessie in her sleep.
    • Luke videotapes Jessie and Shaylee, and when Shaylee tells him to film their faces, indicating he was filming their chests.
    • Zuri says "trying to make Bertram your 'special friend" suggestively.

    Toy Con

    • Zuri trades Jessie's Military Mary doll for a Bunny-Bot 3000, a toy rabbit that defecates chocolate nuggets.

    To Be Me or Not to Be Me

    • When Zuri (In Jessie's body) says "How about I put my foot up your", she was about to say ass.
    • Emma: "Hey, just be glad we got back before one of us had to use the bathroom".

    Panic Attack Room

    • Stuart wants to have a time alone with Zuri.
    • When Ravi connects the cable, the cameras are on then they are seen Jessie and Bertram are acting (but fake) and Luke, Stuart and Zuri faces looks like they were disgusted by the scene, implying they were thinking both are having their love time.

    Throw Momma from the Terrace

    • At Bertram's party, his mother jumps out of a cake and dances, similar to a stripper

    Diary Of A Mad Newswoman

    • Luke says, "I haven't seen this many smiley faces since the health class videos mixed up." And laughs.

    Break-Up and Shape-Up

    • Jessie said that Vic's doorman uniform really shows off her epaulets, but she was referring to her female body parts.
    • Zuri asks Jessie if she is worried because Tony and Vic will be in that little room together, lifting, with their legs.

    GI Jessie

    • "sacks of nuts" could be taken in an inapropriate way.
    • When Bertram turns the blender on, it censors Jessie swearing. It was hinted Jessie was going to say, "Darla is a total bitch." Another hint is,"And my dad knows how I feel but clearly he doesn't give a shit."

    Season 3

    Understudied and Overdone

    • Bertram is dressed as a cowboy and obviously is not very happy about it. He moans to Emma and Zuri, "Somebody get me a rope." Emma replies with, "So you can do rope tricks?" Bertram sarcastically says, "Yeah, that's why."
    • When the pizza dough falls on Susan Channing it looks like the result of the condom challenge

    Hoedown Showdown

    • When that band teacher said that he could play his cheeks, Jessie says, "Whoa whoa whoa, this is a public park, there are children present!" And he replies, "No, my upstairs cheeks!"

    Where's Zuri?

    • After Zuri and Jessie find out that the boy playing the guitar was Stuart, Zuri says she would like to take him (Stuart) out for a test drive. She then asks Jessie if she knows what she means and Jessie says, "I hope not," Meaning she was thinking about something dirty.
    • After getting off the subway. Hudson says at least they got out for some fresh air Jessie responds "The only thing fresh was the guy next to me on the subway," meaning he had tried to grope her 
    • Another thing Hudson said was the the man next to Jessie had taught the kids some " new words" and Jessie says "and if you say them,you will have a bar of soap in the future, meaning he had said curse words 

    Season 4

    Bye-Bye Bertie

    • While Bertram is lying down in Rhoda's apartment, she comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of grapes, saying "I brought you something to nibble on. I brought you some grapes too!", possibly referring to her breasts.

    What a Steal

    • Ravi says he "Flashed his cards" for Madeline.

    Karate Kid-tastrophe

    • Zuri Karate Chops Jessie and Jessie says "You just re-scrambled my eggs"