No, I left him unsupervised at the deli. He made his own way to the park.
Hudson to Jessie in Where's Zuri?

Hudson is Stuart's manny (male nanny).

He’s portrayed by Matt Shively.


Hudson was first seen in Where's Zuri?. He’s extremely immature and is dim-witted. He has brown hair and brown eyes.   


Season 3

Season 4


  • Like Jessie, Hudson was also thrown out of a taxi cab and left to work as a manny.
  • Hudson carries around illegal fireworks.
  • Matt Shively starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie, How to Build a Better Boy.
  • Came to New York to become an author or a novelist. Just like Jessie they both fell into the nanny gig by accident.
  • He’s also very childish.
  • Hudson shares some similarities as Ryan Laserbeam from True Jackson VP. They both live in New York, they’re both dumb and have friends who are girls.
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