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Genevieve was an imaginary person who was Zuri's imaginary enemy. In The Talented Mr. Kipling, Genevieve kept hitting and bothering Zuri, so Zuri went to Jessie for help. Later, Jessie told Zuri that Genevieve would bother her no more because Mrs. Kipling ate her. Zuri was happy but then when she asked Jessie if she suffered, Jessie said no and Zuri was disappointed.

Enemies:Zuri, Jessie


She is really mean to Zuri and she implies that she is very ugly. She is also mean to Jessie and says some nasty things.

She has also told Zuri to use bad language.


The Talented Mr. Kipling (Mentioned Only)


Zuri Ross

Zuri and Genevieve are enemies. But she is never mentioned again.