That was the worst loon call I've ever heard. And I used to work on Loon Dynasty!
— Corinne to Luke in The Rosses Get Real
Corinne Baxter
Background information
First seen
Portrayer Rachel Germaine
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Corinne Baxter
Other names
Personality Vindictive, manipulative, deceitful, sly, aggressive
Appearance The Rosses Get Real
Occupation Producer
Goal To get great ratings on her various television shows (failed)
Enemies Jessie Prescott

Luke Ross
Emma Ross
Ravi Ross
Zuri Ross
Bertram Winkle

Likes Warm milk, great ratings, power
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets frightened and scared off by Mrs. Kipling
Quote "Warm milk and great ratings."

Corinne Baxter is a producer and a minor antagonist who appeared in The Rosses Get Real. She was portrayed by Rachel Germaine.


Corinne is a very vindictive and manipulative producer. She is also shown to be clever and aggressive.


In The Rosses Get Real, Corinne offers Jessie and the Ross kids their own reality show about their lives with their nanny. When the family discover that she Corinne edited the episode to make them act like jerks they decide to quit but Corinne told them if they quit they break their contact and will sue them for everything they got.In the end, she fires them for not creating any household drama and for almost ruining her reputation by showing a viral video of her bad mouthing her bosses and the viewers..

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