Coach Penny
Coach penny
Gender Female
Nationality American
Hometown New York
Professional Information
  Walden Academy P.E Teacher/Caterpillar Scout Leader
Friends and Family
Harold (ex-fiancé)

Madge's father (Unknown)

Pets Cat


Other Information
First Appearance
  Why Do Foils Fall In Love?
Portrayed by
Lauren Pritchard

Coach Penny is the Walden Academy P.E teacher, as seen in Why Do Foils Fall in Love?, and she's also the Troop Leader of Zuri's scout, as seen in We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges.

She is portrayed by Lauren Pritchard.


Coach Penny is a cranky and mean teacher most of the time. She is also rather arrogant and egotistical, thinking she is superior to everyone, and taking pride in putting down students (especially Ravi and Luke). She's incredibly strict as well.

She hates Jessie ever since she wrote "Best Year Of My Life," because Jessie wrote a song about her perfect boyfriends, which makes the single gals feel bad. However, her bitterness is somewhat understandable as her fiancée broke off the relationship one month before the wedding and left her with two non-refundable first-class tickets to Fiji. Since her ex-fiancée is also a teacher at the school and is dating the school lunch-lady, it is extremely awkward and she hates his guts.


Season 2

Season 3


  • She owns a cat, which weighs more than Ravi.
  • She has a daughter called Madge.
  • Her ex-fiance dumped her one month before her wedding and started dating the lunch-lady. For this, she chased him around with a sword (one can only imagine what she was intending to do with a blunt fencing foil).
  • She hates Jessie because she writes about her perfect boyfriends.
  • She's Ravi and Luke's P.E teacher and Zuri's scout leader.
  • She's afraid of ostriches, or maybe she just panicked when the ostrich attacked her in the middle of the night.
  • Since she has a daughter, but still she was going to get married, that means that she had separated from her husband, Madge's father.
  • Her portrayer currently plays another strict mother with a young daughter in Stuck in the Middle.
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