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|season = 4
|number = ?
|image = Jessie_logo.png
|airdate = 2015
|writer = TBA
|director = TBA
|pc = 406
|previous = ?
|next = ?}}
'''Clifford''' is an episode in [[Season 4]] of ''[[Jessie (TV series)|Jessie]]''.
===Main Cast===
*[[Debby Ryan]] as [[Jessie Prescott]]
*[[Peyton List]] as [[Emma Ross]]
*[[Cameron Boyce]] as [[Luke Ross]]
*[[Karan Brar]] as [[Ravi Ross]]
*[[Skai Jackson]] as [[Zuri Ross]]
*[[Kevin Chamberlin]] as [[Bertram Winkle]]
===Guest Cast===
*[[Raymond Lee]] as Clifford
The Episode is expected to premier this Spring/or Summer. We will get back to you for more information on this episode.
[[Category:Episodes aried in 2015]]
[[Category:Episodes aried in 2015]]

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