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Cemma is the relationship pairing between Emma and Caleb. They first met in the Season 2 episode, G.I. Jessie. Emma and Caleb are boyfriend and girlfriend. They like each other even though Jessie and Darla don't like each other.


G.I Jessie

  • They meet for the first time in the mess hall.
  • Caleb lets Emma have the seat next to him and calls her the most prettiest girl in the room.
  • Emma stuttered while introducing herself out of nervousness.
  • Emma tells Caleb to address her as the future Mrs. Shannon, meaning she dreams of marrying him one day.
  • Emma and Caleb run into each other in the battlefield and dramatically run towards one another, only to bump into one another which implies that they now have "matching forehead bumps".
  • Emma and Caleb continue to flirt with each other, despite Jessie and Darla's attempts to pull them apart.
  • Emma and Caleb sneak out into the battlefield for a romantic date.
  • Caleb compares their relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet's and they speak poetically in a similar manner to Shakespeare's.
  • Emma said that girls love guys in uniforms, and Caleb smiled in agreement.
  • They were seen together in the rehearsal brunch for the wedding.
  • Caleb shows Emma a drawing he made of them together.
  • They run away together after Jessie tries to take the Ross kids back home.
  • Emma was willing to stay in the army of base to be with Caleb, thus proving her love for him.
  • Emma locked herself, Caleb and Jessie, in the ammunition bunker to prevent Jessie from taking her home.
  • Emma looked at Caleb while saying she's been in love for two while days.
  • Emma and Caleb dance together at the wedding and decide to video chat, starting right now.
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