Caleb Shannon is Colonel Shannon's son, Darla Shannon's younger brother and Jessie Prescott's stepbrother. His mom married Jessie's dad. He’s also Emma Ross's ex-boyfriend.

He‘s portrayed by Dylan Boyack

Physical Appearance

Caleb has light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Celeb is very tall. He is taller than Darla and Jessie. Caleb is well-mannered and is great at poetry. It's considered that he is his mom's favorite.

Caleb is first seen eating in the mess hall. He and Emma instantly like each other and believe that they are in love. However, Jessie and Darla disapprove of their relationship, due to a century long feud between the Prescotts and the Shannons.

Emma and Caleb escape after hearing Jessie is taking the kids back to New York. They hide in a weapon's bunker, where Caleb reveals that Darla holds him down and makes him smell her armpit.

It is hinted that he and Emma broke up after the Rosses left Texas.

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