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But Africa Is So... Fari is the first episode Season 4 of Jessie and the 79th episode overall. It aired on January 9, 2015.


Jessie feels bad about running away from her wedding and when she resives a e-mail from Brooks. She drops her phone and it breaks. Jessie tells Bertrum that she needs to talk to Brooks. When Jessie leaves, the kids think Jessie went to Africa to find Brooks. They leave a note on Bertrams head and make the trip to the continent themselves, but then relize that Jessie is not there. Then Jessie comes back and finds Bertrum a sleep with a note on his forhead saying that the kids went to africa. Bertam says that she sounded like she was going, but Jessie says she needed to call Brooks and droped her phone off to get fixed because thats the only place where she has his phone number.  Then Jessie leaves africa with Bertram and tells the kids that she's mad. They meets Brooks and find out that he's daiting a girl named Kami. They end up on an adventure with a loose rhinoceros chasing them.

jessie, zuri, bertram, ravi, luke, kami and brooks


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Jessie: Ravi, what are you doing?
Ravi: I could use some help here!


  • This is the first episode of Season 4.
  • Brooks Wentworth returns in this episode.
  • It is revealed that the kids and Jessie went to the Mall of America in Minnesota before.
  • The title references Bertram's catchphrase of something being "Too far" even if it's right in front of him


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But Africa is So-Fari - Sneak Peak Clip

But Africa is So-Fari - Sneak Peak Clip

Season Premiere! - But Africa is So-Fari - JESSIE

Season Premiere! - But Africa is So-Fari - JESSIE

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