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Brooklynn Wentworth was a recurring character in the two-hour Season 3 special. He’s Mrs. Chesterfield's son and Jessie's ex-fiancé. He’s portrayed by Pierson Fodé


  • He was Jessie's third boyfriend shown on the show, the first being Tony and the second being Ted.
  • He was in the 2 hour Season 3 episode.

    Brooks proposing to Jessie

  • He’s Mrs. Chesterfield's son. 
  • His last name is different because he’s the son of Mrs. Chesterfield's husband before Mr. Chesterfield.
  • He was engaged to Jessie.
  • Zuri is shown to have a little crush on Brooks because she called him pretty.
  • He has a friend who's in the CIA.
  • He throws darts at a poster of Jessie after Jessie broke off their engagement.
  • He and Jessie left on good terms in But Africa Is So... Fari!.
  • When Jessie and Brooks called off the wedding they were going in different directions, in spite of Jessie calling it off first.


"You know, chickpeas are the legumes of love."


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