Brody Winton
No Good Nanny Stealer- Zuri
Gender Male
Age 20-25
Nationality American
Hometown New York
Friends and Family
Love interests
Jessie Prescott (ex-girlfriend)
Caitlin (possible ex-girlfriend)

Jessie Prescott
Emma Ross
Luke Ross
Ravi Ross
Zuri Ross
Bertram Winkle

Other Information
Portrayed by
Ben Bledsoe

Brody Winton is a guest star in The Princess and the Pea Brain. He asked Jessie out on a date, her not knowing that he already has a girlfriend named Caitlin, and that he's a jerk to the others. Jessie eventually discovers his true intentions, and, stands up against him. Zuri hated him from the first time she saw him. She could tell that something was wrong with him, and that Jessie was not suitable for him. He also owns a motorcycle. He was portrayed by Ben Bledsoe.


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