Brett Summers
Background information
First seen "Somebunny's in Trouble"
Portrayer Jack Griffo
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Brett Summers
Other names
Personality Friendly, selfless, caring
Appearance "Somebunny's in Trouble"
Birthday 1998 (age 14 or 15)
Occupation Student at Walden Academy (9th grade)
Home New York City, New York
Friends Emma Ross

Luke Ross (formerly)

Minions Jocks
Enemies Luke Ross (nemesis, former friend)
Likes Football,

New York Mets, Emma

Dislikes New York Yankees, Luke
Powers and abilities Football Player
Weapons Football, Jersey
Fate Ends his friendship with Luke after a disagreement on Sports Teams
Brett Summers is a football jock at Walden Academy and Emma's love interest in the episode "Somebunny's in Trouble".

He was portrayed by Jack Griffo.


In "Somebunny's in Trouble", Emma had a crush on him. She had Luke help her learn about sports so Brett would like her. When Emma found a phone number in his jacket, she thought Brett was cheating on her, but he was actually hanging out with Luke. When Emma found out, she was upset. So Luke sacrificed him and Brett's friendship for Emma's happiness. To return the fav
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or, Emma broke up with him. But after a disagreement on sports teams, Luke and Brett's friendship ended.


  • "Somebunny's in Trouble" (First/Only Appearance)


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