Romancing the crone - bertram and rhoda
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Bertram Winkle and Rhoda Chesterfield


One-sided love

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Kevin Chamberlin and Carolyn Hennesy

Beroda (Ber/tram and Rh/oda) is the romantic pairing of Bertram Winkle and Rhoda Chesterfield. They've seemed to have met a while before New York, New Nanny. Rhoda has an attraction to Bertram, while he doesn't have an attraction towards her.

Beroda Moments

Season 1 Moments

Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?
  • Rhoda slaps Bertram's butt.
  • Rhoda flirts with Bertram.
Romancing the Crone
  • Bertram and Rhoda go on a date.
  • Bertram and Rhoda growl at each other.
  • Rhoda sticks her butt out at Bertram.
  • Rhoda kisses Bertram.
Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation
  • Rhoda flirts with Bertram in the elevator.
  • Rhoda looks at Bertram's picture and calls him Bertie.
  • Rhoda says Bertram can't possibly take a bad picture.

Season 3 Moments

Between the Swoon and New York City
  • Bertram hides behind the fridge door when Rhoda comes in.
  • Rhoda catches Bertram in his attempt to hide from her, meaning she must know him very well in order to figure out his hiding place.
  • Rhoda asks Bertram to watch over Zeus.
  • Rhoda installs a nanny-cam in order to spy on Bertram.
  • Bertram shows his butt to the camera while doing yoga.
No Money, No Problem
  • Rhoda asks Bertram to dig up some dirt on Jessie that will make Brooks want to break up with her.
  • Rhoda threatens to tell Morgan and Christina about the helicopter incident if Bertram refuses to obey.
  • Rhoda calls herself dessert in front of Bertram while striking a pose, causing Bertram to lose his appetite.
  • Rhoda asks if he has anything juicy "besides all that" while pointing at his body, showing she thinks he's cute.
  • Bertram shows Rhoda an embarrassing picture of her with a long birth-noise, blackmailing her into letting Bressie be together.
  • Bertram tells Rhoda that because she always marries for money, never for love, she doesn't know what real love is when she sees it.
  • Rhoda eventually agrees and becomes convinced by Bertram that she should give Jessie a chance.
There Goes the Bride
  • Rhoda flirtatiously suggests she and Bertram get married and calls him "Lucky Husband #7".
  • Rhoda pulls out a rose and says "Would you like to kiss the bride?".
  • Rhoda tries to kiss Bertram, but Luke zaps her on the butt with a laser instead.
  • Bertram grinned evilly at seeing Rhoda getting zapped with the laser

Season 4 Moments

Four Broke Kids
  • Bertram screams in horror upon seeing Rhoda.
  • Rhoda lets Bertram stay in his old room unlike the rest of the Ross family and keeps wanting to "tuck him in".
  • The password to Rhoda's computer is "Rhoda and Bertie Sitting In A Tree".
Bye Bye Bertie
  • Rhoda hires Bertram as her new butler.
  • Rhoda drew a painting of Bertram.
  • Rhoda leans in to kiss Bertram.
  • Jessie sees Bertram and Rhoda play-fighting over the painting and thinks they are making love, much to her disgust.


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