Vincent is the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Emma to Jessie

Badfellas is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Jessie. It first aired on April 27, 2012 to 3.07 million viewers.


Emma has a huge crush on a bad boy named Vincent. When Jessie meets the boy with a bad reputation, she thinks he is a bad influence on Emma and tells him to leave. Meanwhile, Zuri plants a new tree in Central Park and can't let go of it, making Jessie try to force her to come back to the penthouse.

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Emma: Vincent is the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Vincent: You wanna pat me down red? Could be the highlight of your week.
Vincent: Luke, Ravi. Just the guys I wanted to see. I have this friend and I need you to teach him a lesson.
Luke: If you're looking for a physics tutor, you got the wrong guy. My favorite subject is recess.
Ravi: Whereas I am good at everything, but recess.

Vincent: I mean I need your help to collect some money I'm owed from that guy.
Ravi: Oh, dear. That is not a guy. That is a building in a hoodie. (Luke and Ravi moaning)

Ravi: Excuse me, Mr. Giant, sir. My associate wishes to speak with you.
Luke: Now I know what Bertram's chair feels like.
Ravi: (groans, piano creaks) If you release us now, we will forgive you! But if you eat another bite of Bertram's bean dip, your colon will not!

Bertram: Emma! Em... What is going on here (sniffs) Is someone eating my bean dip? Oh, hi, Ravi.
Ravi: Hello, Bertram!
Bertram: Turn the music down! What is... Help! Emma! Teens! So much acne!
Luke: (groans, cries)
Emma: Vincent, this has gone too far! Ravi is stuck in the piano, Luke's being used as a seat cushion and Bertram was just swept away. And he hates sweeping! You guys have to leave.

Vincent: And you need to chill out!
Zuri (screaming)

Jessie: Keep it moving, people. Nothing to see here. (Jessie's phone rings) Fine. You win this round. And every round up till now.
Zuri: You got that right.
Jessie: Emma? What is going on? I-I can barely hear you over that noise. What is that noise?
Emma: It's a party! Stop it! That's an antique vase, not a football! (vase shatters) Jessie, come home! I need your help!
Jessie: Come on, Zuri. Emma needs me.

Zuri: Well, Branchy needs me! (screaming) Jessie: Zuri, I've gotta go. What's it gonna take?

Zuri: I can't wait to show Branchy her new home.

Jessie: Or what's left of it.

Zuri: I think I'll start by showing Branchy that panic room.
Emma: Jessie, I'm so sorry! You're right about Vincent. He's my T-Bob! And I don't want a T-Bob!

Jessie: Nobody should have a T-Bob. I got this.
Jessie: Hey, this party is over!

Vincent: Whoa. These are Emma's guests. You can't kick them out. You're just the help!
Emma: Don't you talk to Jessie that way!

Jessie: No, Emma. No, he's right. I am just the help. So let me help you out.
Jessie: My dad taught me that move. And sharpshooting. You're lucky I'm not armed.
Vincent: Emma, You're gonna let her do this to me?

Emma: You're right. She shouldn't do that.

Vincent: Ow!

Jessie: Now keep his wrist right in between the shoulder blades. Good Oh! Now I know how proud my dad felt. Everybody out!
Jessie: Well, nobody likes improv, either! Even mimes look down on you!

Officer Petey: Well you are no friend of the arts

or the NYPD!


  • The episode title is a parody of the 1990 film, Goodfellas.
  • For this episode, Disney released the wrong minibyte and accidentally released the minibyte for A Doll's Outhouse rather than this episode, Badfellas.
  • Jessie makes a reference to Jersey Shore when she says to Emma, "You look like you just washed up on the Jersey Shore."
  • This is the last episode to air in April of 2012.


  • Bertram is surprised that Jessie is either still single or still alive although she was currently dating Tony. Though this episode could have taken place before the previous episodes and they might've not gone out as a couple yet.
  • Jessie says even if she was dating, but she is dating Tony.
  • When Vincent and Emma walk to their table in the cafeteria, Vincent only held his cup and not the tray, yet nothing falls on the ground.
  • When Emma and Jessie left the park, they left Zuri all by herself.
  • Luke says that Vincent gets people faster out of a room than Jessie on karaoke night but Jessie actually is a good singer.


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