Axel Eden William Hurstenbach
World wide web of lies - zuri & axel.jpg
Gender Male
Age About Zuri's age
Nationality American/British
Hometown New York
Friends and Family
Lindsey (sister) Peter (brother)
Agatha (Nanny)
Other Information
First Appearance
  World Wide Web of Lies
Portrayed by
Max Charles

Axel is a kid who's babysitter is  Agatha. He is around Zuri's age and first/only appears in World Wide Web of Lies. He is a spoiled child and thinks he rules Central Park. He was portrayed by Max Charles.

Appearence and Personality

Axel is fair-skinned with blonde hair with his bangs combed to the right, brown eyes, and he wears a blue and white long-sleeved shirt with a dress shirt collar underneath a dark blue vest with red and white stripes on the v-neck. He also wears a yellow-and-black stripped neck tie on his neck, dark gray dress pants, and black dress shoes.

Axel is a very snobby, spoiled brat. He does not like to share and he can be mean to others to get what he wants. He is very demanding towards Agatha and thinks he rules Central Park, such has sitting on the slide to read a book so no one can use it. Axel may be showcased to grew up in a rich or wealthy family, if his parents are billionaires or millionaires.


When Axel was first introduced, he bullied Zuri and threw some gum in her hair. He did not allow her to play on the slide at Central Park. Soon, Jessie and Zuri met his nanny Agatha, who is just as nasty, if not more, as Axel. Agatha forces nannies and their children out of the park during her time. Jessie does not care about what Agatha says. Agatha posts pictures (taken out of context) of Jessie being mean to Zuri on her website, Toddler Tattler. After Jessie and Zuri explain the situation ,Jessie's boss, Christina Ross threatens Agatha into deleting the pictures. And from there on, Agatha and Axel can no longer keep control of the park. It is possible that him and Lindsey are relatives but it is unknown at this time.

It is very likely that Axel comes from a very spoiled family.


Season 1

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