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Angela Ellestoye
Angelica Adele Ellestoye
Gender Female
Nationality British
Hometown England/Britain
Professional Information
  New York
Friends and Family
Agatha (twin sister)
Jessie Prescott (formerly)

Emma Ross (formerly)
Luke Ross (formerly)
Ravi Ross (formerly)
Zuri Ross (formerly)



Ravi Ross

Zuri Ross

Luke Ross

Emma Ross

Other Information
First Appearance
  Evil Times Two
Portrayed by
Jennifer Veal

Angela is Agatha's twin sister. She makes her first and only appearance in the episode Evil Times Two.

Character History

Agatha, like most sisters, thinks Angela is evil. This is later revealed to be true when she squirms her way into the Ross' clan by her friendliness and looks to try to win over the Ross siblings and steal Jessie's job, causing The Ross Family to ditch Jessie. In the end, her plan is ruined, and she leaves the Ross family alone after the kids choose Jessie to be their nanny. She is portrayed by actress, Jennifer Veal. She originated from England. She got Agatha sacked from her job as a nanny for Lord Taylor.


  • Angela is prettier than her twin sister, Agatha, but has a much meaner personality.
  • Angela only acts innocent in one of her acts (unplugs Jessie's alarm clock).
  • She can make rash removing cream (that can also clean your colon).
  • She gave Zuri ice cream for breakfast.
  • It is shown that she can put up a fight.
  • She almost goes out to attempt to sleep on a park bench, because she has nowhere to live.
  • Before she left, Zuri pulled the back of her pants open and dropped a hot rock in her panties, causing her to run out of the room screaming.
  • Angela was the opposite of her sister.
  • Angela and Agatha have a sibling rivalry.
  • Angela acted innocent when Agatha accused her of stealing Jessie's job to take over the Ross family. She denies this completely.
  • Agatha is also portrayed by Jennifer Veal.