Even my third graders know how to make a cursive B!
— Ms. Folkemburg to Jessie in Teacher's Pest

Ms. Folkemburg
Background information
First seen "Teacher's Pest"
Portrayer Cheri Oteri
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Amanda Laurianne Lasha Folkemburg
Other names none
Personality strict, bossy, and nice
Appearance brown hair, green eyes, wears pantsuits
Birthday Unknown
Occupation 3rd grade teacher
Home New York
Relatives Unknown
Pets none
Friends Jessie Prescott, Zuri Ross
Enemies Jessie Prescott

Zuri Ross (at first)

Likes Quidditch, Harry Potter, broom sticks
Dislikes Disrespectful students, toilet talk.
Powers and abilities

Amanda Folkemburg is Zuri's teacher at Walden Academy. She teaches 3rd grade, at first she doesn't like Zuri because Zuri makes impolite comments about her and her teaching. Zuri describes her as "the meanest teacher in the world" and Jessie describes her as "not good with kids or adults", as even the class gerbil was spelling "help me" in food pelets. She does not like Jessie either and calls her "Miss Purkey Pants". But later Jessie lies to her about liking quidditch and Ms. Folkemburg becomes nice and calls Zuri her "star student", but she also becomes "a level 6 clinger" and invites Jessie to play quidditch with her, but she doesn't want to keep being her friend so she pretends to like quidditch. The next day she tries to confess she does not want to be friends, but Folkemburg tells her she is bad at quidditch and is going to play with Mr. Eitzel because Zuri set them up so Jessie wouldn't have to suffer.

She was portrayed by Cheri Oteri.

Personal Life

She does not have many (or no) friends (which is probably why she is so uptight). She has been in "a bit of a bad mood" since the Long Island Longbottoms disbanded. She likes to play quidditch and is upset that loyal fans play vampire baseball. She also likes to collect broom sticks which she is very protective of. She is also probably single, but she might not be now since she plays quidditch with Mr Eitzel. She may like Mr Eitzel because when she was telling Jessie that she was going to play with him she said 'how hot is that?' after explaining what he does when playing quidditch.

Teaching Career

She is a 3rd grade teacher and has very strict rules such as no toilet talk and when a kid misbehaves he or she gets their name on the "naughty board" and if they break a rule again they have to sit in the corner which is near "Gassy Gus".


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